Table Games Holiday Hearts

Fridays, December 1, 8, 15 & 22 | 7pm-10pm

Winners will be drawn every hour each Friday to choose a card from the game board. Pick the Ace of Hearts and win $5,000! Pick the King of Hearts and win $2,500! If either progressive is not hit, $500 is added to each and the prize will roll over to the next week. All other cards win up to $1,000 in CASH or Free Play! Everyone picked is a winner! On December 22, at 10pm, the Ace of Hearts Progressive is GUARANTEED! Earn entries playing your favorite Table Games or Poker!

How to get Tickets:

Blackjack: Any Suited Blackjack

Craps: Any winning Fire bet

Roulette: Any winning Zero/Double Zero

Poker: Full House

Three Card Poker: Flush or higher

Super4 Poker: Flush or higher

Criss Cross Poker: Flush or higher

Louisiana Stud Poker: Flush or higher

Mini/Midi Baccarat: Winning Tie Bet